Ballet Hand and Arm Positions

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Hand positions are very important in ballet. Dance expert, Deanna McBreaty, demonstrates the proper hand positions for ballet dancers.

You want to have space between your fingers to help with the elegance of your movements. Your fingers should look engaged, yet relaxed at the same time.

Arms are rounded in front of you for first positions. Arms separate to the side for second position. One arm comes in for third position. For fourth position, one arm should be hiring than the other. Lastly, arms should be above your head for fifth position.

Along with positions of the arms, there are also positions of the hands that every dancer should be aware of. In every position, your elbows should be lifted and your shoulders engaged. You want to move your arms from your shoulder muscles.

Allow your back, chest, and arms to have room to breathe! This gives life and presentation for your ballet performances!