Rond de Jambe Breakdown

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Rond de Jambe means in classical ballet terms, “round of the leg.” A rond de jambe is commonly used in ballet as well as other styles of dance. In this video, ballet expert Elizabeth Quinn Welch teaches you how to do a rond de jambe par terre, meaning on the ground. As always, it is important to maintain a strong center and proper alignment.

When executing a rond de jambe, you want to isolate the movement only to the working leg, which is the leg that is doing the motion. Your supporting leg needs to be stable when practicing rond de jambes at the barre as well. As you tendu forward in your rond de jambe, be sure to keep your hips square and level. Keep your toes on the ground as you open to the side and retain your turnout. When you do a rond de jambe, it’s essential you create a “D” motion with your working leg. Find out what it means to “cut through” and the reasons why you might be doing this yourself. See how after each rond de jambe, you will return to your first position. Even you when you to the back, you still go through your first position. Start working on your rond de jambes today using this free dance training video.