Battement Training Exercises

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In this video, dance expert Ali Geraets teaches you a one-of-a-kind warm-up routine that we created and designed specifically for dancers. This warm-up routine is going to target every muscle that a dancer needs to warm up. As a Premium member, not only will you learn this warm-up, but also, you will have access to the voice-over music and a detailed downloadable packet of the warm-up routine.

This exercise is also very quick, making it easy to incorporate into your regular dance class schedules. Ali addresses how it’s important to really focus on what you are doing and how you’re doing it. By stretching the right muscles and going through the warm-up while executing each of the movements correctly, is going to greatly benefit each and every dancer. Also, Ali talks about the necessary parts you need to keep in mind when doing this warm-up exercise. Focusing on body alignment and breathing is important as well. Watch as Ali demonstrates each of the movements and learn a couple of additional techniques for dancers to improve in their balance. Have fun using this warm-up routine in all of your dance classes!