Window Core Workout

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A window core workout can be applied to any level for a great 3 minute core workout. This window core workout will include plank, rotation and unilateral movement.

With this workout you will have three straight minutes of work through your core. The first move is a sit up reach. You will lay on your back and sit completely all the way up and tap either your knee, shin or toe.

Next, you will move into plank position and cross each knee to the opposite elbow and then push up. After that, you will move into sprinter sit ups. With these you want to think about working through each vertebra.

For plank knee pulls you will reach each knee up and across. Be aware of your body alignment and that your hips are remaining level.

Next, your legs will come up to a 90 degree hold as you punch across to your toes. Keep your shoulder blades up the entire time.

Lastly, you will move back into the same thing in plank. Set yourself up with a wide base for support. Your elbow comes to your rib to punch out, down and back.
Once you have completed the above exercises for 30 seconds each, push back to stretch out your body, especially if you’re going to add cardio to the end of this workout.