Core Workout for Dancers

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Dancers need to be strong in order to perform various dance styles and movements. A dancer's core strength is particularly important as having a strong core is associated with improved stability, better balance, and proper body alignment.

There are many different core workout routines out there but nothing compared to what you are about to learn! In this video, dance expert presents a great core workout for dancers and provides helpful tips for getting the most out of this workout as possible. As a Premium member, not only will you learn this core workout, but also, you will have access to the voice-over music and a detailed downloadable packet of the workout routine.

This entirely original workout routine was developed by our dance experts specially for dancers of all skill levels. This unique workout targets your entire core and it only takes about five minutes to go through the entire workout. Ali takes you through each of the movements and teaches you how to do them correctly. Try to incorporate this great core workout for dancers in your classes or even do it yourself at home!