How to Use a Yoga Block

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This video shows many ways to incorporate the use of a block into your yoga class. Certified yoga instructor, Lindsay Danielson, demonstrates how to use a yoga block to better yourself.

There are many uses for a yoga block. People tend to think as using a block as something to use when they can’t do something, but what it actually is, is a tool for you to access postures that work better for your body. Think of using the block as bringing the floor to you.

One example for using the block is in forward fold, which is an extension of the spine. This is a good stretch for the hamstring and lower back. If you aren’t as flexible, use a block to bring the floor to you rather than straining your body to try to get to the floor. You can rotate the block for a different height that is a best fit for you.

Another way to use the block is for assistance in mind and body awareness with your muscles. An example of this is using the block in chair pose. Your feet are hip width distance apart, arms are extended over and the block is placed between your inner thighs. As you sit down into your chair and transfer your weight into your heels, you can begin to squeeze the block. This helps for you to activate your glutes, hamstrings, quads and inner thighs. You’ll notice when you remove the block, it’s easier to remember the feeling of using the correct muscles.

Another thing to use the block for is arm balances. For example, many people like to use the block under their head when practicing crow pose. This helps them to feel more secure since they feel the floor is closer to them.

One last example of using the block is for core work in block passes. As you lay on your back, you transfer the block from your feet to your hands as your lower and raise your legs in the air. The block gives you something to work with to keep the mind focused.