Lunge Battement Combo

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This video will focus on a lunge battement combination that can be used as a strength exercise. Dance expert, Brittney Schubert, will demonstrate this exercise.

This combination is best done in center at the end of class when everyone is warmed up. The combination begins in a sumo squat position with four pulses. After the four pulses, you rock onto your left leg to battement your right leg and then rock to your right leg to battement your left leg. Your leg should be brushing up to your ear and slightly in front of your arms.

The goal is to make sure your bottom leg stays straight as you battement your leg. You also want to maintain a strong upper body, which will be challenging to do. If you don’t have the strength yet, keep your leg at the height it needs to be for you to maintain proper technique.

When you’re in the sumo squat position, you want to be sure you are turned out. Your feet, knees and hips should all be turned out. Your butt should be tucked under, which is different than a normal squat position.

The most challenging part of this strength exercise is to find the power to get your leg up. The more you practice this drill, the better you will become at find the power. The power will come from your quads, hamstrings, glutes, core and plie.