Lunge Combo With Arabesque

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This dance combination will focus on getting the correct turn out position for all other dance skills. Dance expert, Brittney Schubert, will walk you through the benefits and proper way to do this across the floor dance combination.

This dance combination will begin with stepping down into a lunge and then straightening one way as you arabesque the other behind you. This exercise helps to gain muscle memory for how to use your turn out correctly.

When doing this combination, it’s important to keep your upper body aligned. You should be engaged in all parts of your body and your shoulders should be in the same line as your hips. Another thing to think about is your leg that is in arabesque. Your leg should be turned out once you lift up. In the lunge your leg should be turned under, but in the arabesque your leg should be turned out. You want to turn out from your hip.

While you’re in your lunge position, it’s important to keep your knee over your toes so that your not overstepping.

This exercise will help to strengthen your quads, hip flexors and glutes. Every lunge you do will help to gain strength. This exercise helps to make you think about your turn out and elongating all the way through the back leg. This exercise will help to better your technique for your leaps since your leaps should be practicing the same rotating motion.