Strength in Landing Jumps

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Landing a jump correctly is important for many reasons. Dance expert, Adina Belanger, will walk you through the importance of landing leaps in dance and a combination to help with this.

Landing always seem to be the difficult part of leaping. The landing is important so you can progress to another movement in choreography directly after the jump. The main focus of this combination is the landing.

The across the floor combination will begin with running 1-2, developing into a tilt jump on 3, landing in back coupe on 4, finding your balance to hold 5-6 and slowly pulling into a turned out passé on 7-8. You will then extend the leg to your fullest extension 1-6 and bring the leg down on 7-8 to reset for the beginning of the combination. You will then repeat this combination as many times as you can across the floor.

When doing a tilt jump, it’s important to remember to kick your right leg to the side of you rather than in front of you. You also want to slightly kick your left leg out to the bottom corner and tilt your upper body a little to the left. The main thing to think about when doing a tilt jump is to use your core to whip your right leg down so that both legs are coming to a coupe at the same time.

This combination will help with landing your leaps in dance and for helping you find your center. It is best to start this combination with just the tilt jumps first so you can get used to that first. Once you are used to the jump and landing correctly in back coupe, then you can hold and develop into an extension.