Just For Kix Warm Up 2017

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This warm up is great warm up for the beginning of class. It is developed to work the entire body and to work on strength. Dance expert, Ali Geraets, will walk you through how to properly execute the moves in this warm up.

Everything happens for around 30 seconds. You will start with bridge ups. You want to keep your feet parallel, lift to your highest point and control it back down. From there, you will go into single leg bridges. You should remain at your highest point and pulse from there.

Next, you will flip into a high plank hold. Focus on sending your shoulders down your spine and your back. Look forward past your hands so you keep your spine in a nice, straight line. Keep your core engaged and glutes tucked under. If you want more of a challenge, you can put your feet together. In plank, you will do shoulder taps. The goal is to stay stable and avoid rocking.

Next, we will focus on a turn out exercise. Focus on engaging your leg muscles and fully extending. You will lay on your back with your feet parallel in the air and pointed. You will flex, turn your feet out, point through your feet and turn in. You will do this a few times and then reverse it (turn out, flex, turn in and point).

Then, you will work on triceps. Your fingertips should be pointed towards your butt. You want to get a full bend in your elbows. From there, you will lift one leg and continue the triceps.

You will then stand up to work on calf raises. Focus on your proper alignment during this exercise. You will work on calf raises in parallel, turned out, turned in and back to parallel. On the last count, you will hold up on releve. You will look side to side and up and down to work on your balance.

From there, you will move into squats. Keep your feet nice and wide and your chest lifted. After regular squats, you will lift one knee at a time. Then we will move into butt kicks and skaters. You want to think about hitting a mini open leap and twisting your upper body to the side when you land.

The next exercise is lateral lunges. When you come up, you’ll hit a posse position. This really works on finding your balance. The last exercise of this warm up is inchworms. You will walk out to hold a plank and walk back in. On the last two, we will add a push up instead of a plank hold.