Contemporary Combo

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This is an advanced combination for lyrical/contemporary dancers. Dance expert, Grace Gilbertson, will walk you through this combination.

You will begin by stepping on your left foot to reach up, leading with your elbow, on 1, inside fan on 2, step forward 3, pivot &, plie with hands up 4, stand slowly with hands wrapping head 5-6, develop leg 7, swirl upper body around on 8&.

Next, you step onto your right 1, left &, foot flexes up 2, step on right 3, chug around &, flick 4 with pointed foot, ball change 5&, run 6&, jump up off left foot 7& landing on right to step through with left foot, run right left 8& to attitude leap on 1.

Out of the attitude leap, you go down 2&, forward 3, ground on 4, roll over 5-6, stand 7-8 facing back. Walk forward on right foot 1&, right battement 2, step right left 3&, arms come across on &4, roll up 5, tondue 6, ron de jambe turn 7, ball change 8&.

Walk right left 1&, reach right on 2, reach left on 3, internalize to chest on 4, drop to parallel second position 5, arms come up 6&, and arms melt out however the want on 7-8.