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This contemporary combination is meant to be used for dancers to make it their own and play around with moving their body in a different way than they may be used to. Follow along with dance experts Ali Geraets and Brittney Schubert to learn the choreography.

You will start out by improving the beginning before she starts singing. When the singer says “figures” you will throw your hands in a way that you feel is fitting. You will then reach with your right arm across your body and pull down as your right arm comes in and your left arm goes up on the two accents. From there, you will lean back a little bit more ro bring your left arm to your chest and pull yourself up on the words “I gave.” On the work “you”, you will scuff your right leg up to step and pull. You will then turn out of it to throw your arms up however feels best to you on the word “games.”

On the word “love” you will bring your left arm to your chest as you contract. Then, step back on your left foot and bring your hand around your cheek for “figures.” Scoop the right leg and step back to throw your hands over to the back of the room. Turn back to the front on “I wish I could.” Push down with hands open, close hands, step with right foot forward to grab with both hands in front on the words “do exactly.” This part should be very syncopated. From there, open your hands as your knees twist, close your hands and face the back on the word “did.”

Next, you will bring your hands up to pull them in an angry way as you turn to the front to break your arms and chest on the word “back.” After that you will pull your right knee up, point it out to step on it and release your chest as your arm strikes. Step on your right foot to turn on your left foot with your other leg flexed and arms up, jump down to reach however feels good on the words “what would,” and face the front on “you do” for a moment.

From there, you will take two runs to the corner to turn and drop to knees with your arms out on the words “if you couldn’t get me back.” One the two accents, bring your legs around to cross your right leg to fall to the front. Next you will push up and over to the back on “you’re the one” and then push back to the front.

Once you are facing the front again, stand facing the corner and move your body starting from your knees. Next, scoop your left leg up with your right arm across, and step onto your right foot. On the word “special” you will come stand up in a way that you think looks and feels special. After that, take three steps back to develop your right leg to fan around and end down facing the side.

On the words “tell me boy” you will stand up and look over your shoulder towards to audience, to then step left right left and grab with one or two arms on “would,” throw and look down on “you” and look at the audience on “feel.” Shake your finger on the word “couldn’t” to step and face the back and hit something very girly. On the giggle, look over your shoulder towards to audience.

After the giggle, step on your left foot to fan your right leg around in attitude and end down. Roll to stand up and reach to the front for the ending move of this contemporary combination.