Battement Training Exercises

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Executing grand battements take a great deal of strength, determination, balance, and flexibility. Most dancers learn battements early on in their dance training. However, that isn’t always the case. In this video, dance expert Ali Geraets teaches you three variations of a battement combination for across the floor.

The first battement combo version you will learn encompasses straight battements to the front, a straight battement to the side and an arabesque. When doing this exercise, remember to think about keeping your upper body nice and strong as well as pay close attention to your shoulder direction. Learn how you can do this exercise on a flat foot or on releve as it depends on your skill level. Find out when you need to shift your hips forward in the combination and learn how to do so while maintaining your balance. Be sure to brush through each position while maintaining your turn out. Also, keep your legs straight when you practice this combo as it may become more challenging the faster you go across the floor.

The second battement combo version utilizes the same combination of leg movements with one small alteration. Instead of doing a straight side battement in the combo, you will do a tilted side battement where you stack your hips. The third battement combo version is the same as the first combo with the addition of a leg hold turn after the arabesque. Watch as Ali’s dancer demonstrates each of these variations of the battement combination for across the floor.