Advanced Leap Combo

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In this advanced dance leap combo you will focus on leaps with direction changes for your hips. Dance expert, Brittney Schubert, will demonstrate and give tips on how to properly do this combination.

To start the dance leap combination, you will take two runs into a regular straight leap. From there, you will take one step to change your direction to the front and hit a surprise leap. After that, you take one step to chassé into an opposition leap.

When doing a surprise leap, think about pushing all your energy out of your left leg in order to shift yourself to the front and to get air. For an opposition leap, swing your right leg to develop to the opposite side. You will be facing the direction you chassé from. It’s important to think about switching your hips as fast as you can to the opposite side. It may help to think about whipping your head to the wall that you will be leaping towards. If you whip your head to the opposite wall, your hips will follow.

A tip to help get you off the ground higher is to think of the ground as a trampoline. Rather than spending time on the ground, think about pushing into the air the second your foot touches the ground. By doing so, you allow for more of your energy to go into the air rather than staying on the ground.