Advanced Level Dance Leap Combo

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This combination will involve three different dance leaps that dance expert, Brittney Schubert, will walk you through.

This across the floor combination will begin by running right, left, into a tilt leap, landing in a back coupe position. From there, you will turn to the back corner to prepare in fifth position for a firebird jump facing the front. Out of the firebird jump you will roll backwards by tucking your left leg to stand. Once you stand, you will ball change on your right leg as you run right, left, into a firebird leap.

When doing a tilt leap, it’s important to remember to kick your right leg out to your side, rather than straight in front of you. You also need to think about slightly brushing your left leg out to the front corner. The hardest part about a tilt leap is the landing. The legs need to come down at the same time, even though the right leg is way higher. It will help to bring your legs together simultaneously if you use your core to help you.

For the firebird jump, you want to be sure your body is facing the front. Your arms should be in an L shape (left arm up, right arm out). For this combination, your body should remain upright rather than releasing your head back.

For a firebird leap, you want to shoot your right leg straight in front of you and your left leg bent behind you. For this leap you want to release your head back and arch from your upper back. Your arms will be in a T shape behind you.

It’s important to use your plie between these dance leaps and jumps in order to get up high to successfully execute the leap.