Basic Battement Combo

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Basic Battement Combo

In this video, you will learn the basics of battement technique. Dance expert, Brittney Schubert, will demonstrate the proper way to execute battements across the floor.

The combination will begin with two walks into into a right battement followed by two walks into a left battement. You will follow this pattern all the way across the floor.

When working on your battement technique it’s important to remember how your posture you should be. Your arms should remain straight out to your sides in a T position the entire time across the floor. Think about having your arms reach to the two opposite walls of the room. Your neck should be elongated, shoulders pressed down, hips tucked under and your rbs should be squeezed to prevent having your back sway.

Your battement should aim towards your nose rather than your shoulder. The floor is your best friend! Focus on brushing the floor with pointed feet before your kick into the air. Your leg muscles should be engaged so that your knee doesn’t bend.

As you walk, it is best to be in plie and spring up to releve as you kick. Your base leg should also be straight as you kick. Engaging your core while going across the floor with this exercise will help to keep you on your center and keep your body aligned.