How to Spot Your Turns in Dance

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Spotting is an important part of turning in dance. To become a strong turner, you need to be able to spot. Spotting is a technique dancers use in order to execute different kinds of turns. In this video, dance expert Ali Geraets teaches you how to spot as well as provides helpful tips for improving your spot.

Ali begins by addressing some common mistakes dancers make when working on their spot. For instance, many dancers tend to drop their chin when spotting their turns and that hinders their ability to turn properly. Also, keeping your chin level as you spot makes it easier to maintain the correct neck alignment for doing pirouettes.

Spotting Drills

There are many ways you can work on your spot, whether it is practicing chaine turns or doing pirouettes, the only way you will improve is to spot. Ali presents another way you can use to work on your spotting technique. Watch as Ali’s dancer demonstrates this spotting drill and follow along with her.

Ali presents a technique dance instructors can use for either teaching their own dancers how to spot or helping them improve their spot. See how Ali does this with her dancer and find out the reasons why this drill is so effective.

Ali continues by teaching you another spotting drill you can do with a partner. This can be extremely helpful for giving and receiving corrections to improve your spotting technique.

This dance instructional video not only teaches you how to spot your turns but also provides a few different drills for improving your spot.