Chaîné Turn Drill

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A Chaine turn is a beautiful and relatively simple dance turn that is often used as a basis for executing other dance moves or turn combinations. Dance expert Ali Geraets teaches you a chaine turn drill and presents the benefits of using this technique for improving your chaine turns. This drill is an excellent way to work on body placement which is something many dancers struggle with. Watch as Ali goes through each position in this exercise in addition to having one of her dancers demonstrate it.

Tips and Technique

One thing to really focus on when using this chaine turn drill is maintaining upper body strength. Also, be sure to think about pressing down in your shoulders to assist in stronger stability. A common struggle dancers face when doing chaine turns is they occasionally stick out their butt. Ali stresses the importance of keeping your butt tucked under and keeping your alignment from your head to your hips in a nice straight line. See the benefits of using your plie and extending through your feet as you perfect your chaine turns with this exercise for across the floor. Try this chaine turn drill today and quickly see your chaine turn technique advance!