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This street jazz routine is very upbeat and fast moving. Dance experts, Adina Bekanger and Ali Geraets, will walk you through this street jazz routine step by step.

You will start walking forward 1-2, scoop switching your feet on and 3 and 4, hit the accent with your elbows on 5-6, swing your hips to the right as your arms go above your head on 7 to through down to the left on 8. Next, you will bring your right elbow to the front 1-2, switch your feet like before on 3-4, stand on your right foot on 5 and push your left foot out, step on your left foot 6, and scoop underneath your feet as they come up on 7-8. From here, you step down on your right foot with your hand on your hip and throw your head down on 1, bring your head back and switch your knees on 2, circle head roll to the front on 3, look to the side on 4, bring your body back 5-6 and roll back up on 7-8.

Next you will create you own movement 1-4 and walk around yourself 5-8. From there you have a slow motion movement. You can create your own movement for one eight count. After this, you step forward on your right foot as you pop your elbows back on 1 and let it rebound 2-4, then turn over your right shoulder 5, just out 6, swing your arms down 7 as your feet come together and your arms are in a touchdown in fists on 8.

This street jazz routine can be done as a warm up before class or just for fun. If you need to slow this routine down, you can always put this choreography to a different song that is best suited for your dancers level.