Elite Combo

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This is an elite combo that involves many turns, leaps and directional changes. It is instructed by dance instructor, Olivia Corcoran.

You will begin with your weight in your right foot. You will collapse your upper body as your hands come to your head 1-4, arms come back out 5-8. Next, you will pick up your right leg and bring your left arm forward 1-2, switch 3-4, step on your left foot and open up your right arm as you look to the right 5-6, to prep 7-8.

The turn set starts right away. The set is 3 opens to the front (&1-4&), inside the box (5-8). Finish the set with two opens into a triple pirouette.

From here, you will run forward beginning with your right foot 1, left foot 2, kick through coupe 3-4, step on it 5, prep to the back 6, chaine 7-8 to calypso 1-2, roll out of it 3-4, stand 5-6 to prep to the side on 7-8.

From here, you will pirouette 1-2, plie & to move into a coupe 3-4, reach arms forward as your leg goes back 5-6, reach right 7 and reach left 8. Your arms will come up 1-2, arms come back in 3-4, step on right foot 5, passe through on 6, step 7, flick your leg as your right arm comes up on 8.

Next, you will step with your left foot 1, throw the other way 2, run 3-4, firebird leap 5-6, face the front as your breathe out 7-8. With your left hand on your left leg, you will bring your leg into an attitude position as you lean back 1-2, release 3-4, shift weight around 5-6 to the right foot, left leg comes around 7-8.

Next, hop onto your back foot as your right leg comes up 1-2, other legs 3-4, continue to walk back 5-6, prep 7, kick around 8. Land down 1-2, crawl out to plank position 3-4, slide-out 5-8. To end this combination, you will slowly come up whichever way feels best to the dancer.