Floor Work Combo

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This combination will focus on strictly only floor work. Dance expert, Grace Gilbertson, will walk you through this across the floor combination.

You will begin by stepping onto your right foot, leaning over your right foot to land on your knee 3-4, go up to your hands and circle your legs around 5-6, down 7-8. You push up and open your chest 1-2, down 3-4, right leg comes across 5-6, battements on your knee 7-8.

Step onto your foot to reach 1-2, roll backwards 3-8. Walk out to a plank 1-4, right foot comes through 5-6, legs cross up 7-8. Straighten legs 1-2, come up 3-4, toe rise 5-6 to stand up on 7-8. Repeat the combo.