Intermediate/Advanced Level Leap Combo

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This across the floor combination will include a calypso (back attitude leap) and a reverse attitude leap. Dance expert, Brittney Schubert, will demonstrate both of these leaps.

This combination will begin with an up chaine, followed by a down chaine as you go into a calypso leap. You will remain standing when you com out of the calypso. After your first dance leap, you will take one more chaine in plie as your preparation for your reverse attitude leap. You will land your reverse attitude leap in a lateral lunge position with your hands on the floor. From there, you will sit onto your left knee, grab your right leg and roll out of it to repeat the combination.

When doing a back attitude leap, it’s important to think about the leap happening all at once. Many dancers tend to look like they’re hopping over something one leg at a time, but the goal is to have the leap pop at once. Your arms will be curved with your left arm above your head and your right arm to the side.

A reverse attitude is a difficult dance leap. Your right leg should fouette into a turned out passe position as your back leg goes through a back attitude position but extends straight. Your arms reach up and release to an open T position. Your head can be released back.

It’s important to keep your alignment while going across the floor with these dance jumps. You want to keep your core engaged and your shoulders pressed down. As you chaine into your leaps, you shouldn’t have much side to side movement in the upper body. The upper body should remain as calm as possible. It’s also important to use your plie in your down chaines so you have the power to get up from one foot.