Intermediate Jazz Across The Floor

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This combo is for an intermediate jazz dancer. Dance expert, Grace Gilbertson, will walk you through the correct counts and placement for this combination.

You will begin by taking two walks, battement on your right 3-4, step on your left 5, flick your leg to spot the other way 6, jump 7, hips on &8 in forced arch. You sit back into your left leg to snake to the front 1-2, kick into prep 3-4, double pirouette 5-6, land 7-8.

Weight shifts to your left leg on & to penche into an illusion 1-2, passe 3-4, run 5-6, firebird leap 7-8.

This combination is great for dancers who are wanting to work on basic technique while putting a little bit more of a challenge to it.