Jazz Across the Floor Combo

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This combination is great to work on your sassy jazz skills. Dance expert, Grace Gilbertson, will walk you through this combination.

You will start by taking four sassy jazz walks however you would like, cha-cha to the right 5-6 and cha-cha to the left as your hands come behind your head 7-8. You then prep for a turn 1-2, double pirouette 3-4, plie on &, triple coupe turn 5-7, land 8.

Next you shift your weight to your right foot to step 1, chug 2, step left 3, fan kick 4-5, step onto your right 6, plie to the back 7, firebird/attitude jump on 8. You will roll out of the jump 1-4 to stand up and prepare to repeat 5-8.

This combination is meant for you to put your own style of sass into the walks. Focus on the technique, but also focus on the stylized portion.