Pirouette Control Combination

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This is an across the floor combination that focuses on maintaining your balance throughout. Dance expert, Grace Gilbertson, will walk you through the combination.

You will tombe port de bourre, double turned out pirouette, and land in second position turned out relevé. This combination can be used as a progression, meaning you can work your way up from a double, to a triple and then a quad.

You want to make sure that you are lifting through the back of your neck, keeping your shoulders over your hips and keeping your ribs laced in. Alignment of your entire body is what will make this combination easier.

The goal is to improve your balance through this combination. You want to be on your highest relevé while you do your pirouettes and land in your highest relevé as well. You want to try not to come down from the relevé before you come out of your pirouettes.

Another tip to help with this combination is to engage your core and your glutes. Engaging these two parts of your body will help to enhance your balance.