Tilt Jump Break Down

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There is two ways to get into a tilt jump: develop and brush. Neither is wrong, but they give two different effects. Dance experts Adina Pajak and Ali Geraets will demonstrate ways to properly execute a tilt jump.

Think of this as a “kick hop.” Your upper body should be aligned and legs turned out. You will take two turned out runs forward and do a right kick that comes towards your shoulder. Be sure to brush your leg to the side rather than in front. Your arms will tilt so your right arm matches your right leg. Your upper body will sightly tilt to the left side as your focus goes down to left.

If you are a beginner, it is most beneficial to get used to the motion by taking the two turned out runs into just a right kick that comes up to the side of you. You should be focusing on the kick, the slight tilt on the upper body and the arm position. Once you feel comfortable with this, move on to adding the hop. You want to think of this part as just a “kick hop.” You will take two turned out runs and plie on your left leg to bring your right leg to the side and take a little hop off the ground. Progressing from there, you will do the same as above, but shoot the left leg out to the left corner. Essentially, this jump will look like a straddle that is tilted in the air.

The hardest part about a tilt jump is not the getting up, but the coming down. The goal is to get the right leg to come down at the same time the left one does. Although the right leg is way higher than the left, your upper body should tilt back to an upright position to help whip the leg down to a back coupe position. It will help if you engage your core to help bring your upper body to the original position.