Toe Touch Drills

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This video will focus on different types of toe touch drills. Dance expert, Grace Gilbertson, will walk you through these different drills.

The first one is a V up. You will be laying on the ground with your hands above your head. You will come up with your legs popping out to straddle. You want to think about keeping your chest up, neck long, and crunching up with lower abs.

Another drill is a jump sequence. The first part is a tuck jump. The goal is to get your legs to your chest. The second jump is a frog jump. You want to think about the snap and getting your knees to your shoulders. The next jump is a pencil toe touch. You want to use your plie to get you enough height. You will end the drill with a full out toe touch. You can use this as a drill doing each jump eight times.

The last drill needs a partner. You will grab your partners forearms, having the person who is doing the toe touch arms on top. You will releve, both partners will plie and then the partner will help to push the toe toucher into the air. The partner who is doing the toe touch needs to be sure to keep their ribs closed so they don’t fall backwards.