Intermediate Kick Combo

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This video teaches an intermediate kick combo. The kick combo includes a variety of kicks, as well as some footwork.

You will begin with a bow peel 1-4, right straight 5-6, left straight 7-8.

Two right opens 1-4, two left opens 5-8.

Right fan 1-2, right open 3-4, walk forward 5-6, right straight battement kick 7-8.

Left hinge 1-4, right point 5, left point 6, apart 7, together 8.

The kicks in itself are not extremely hard, but the combination together make it a little bit harder to execute. One thing to think about with this kick set is to use sharp head guides to help make the set look more clean.

Lastly, make sure you have lots of energy throughout this kick set. Especially with the walks, be sure to march strongly and whip the battement up and down to give the look of more power an energy.