Kick Posture

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This video will demonstrate the proper alignment for your “kick body” and help make you aware of things to think about while kicking.

You want to start with your feet together, hips right above the ankles and shoulders right above the hips. Your body should be tucked in (think about lacing your ribs in). Shoulders should be pressing down into the floor, as well as your shoulder blades pressing down and together.

Elbows should be into your sides, as best as you can, and hands-on your legs. As for your chin, think about pointing your chin up to where the wall and the ceiling meet. This will help to be sure you are looking up at the judges during the competition.

Two of the most common issues with dancers in their “kick body” is they either have a loose back or have tension in their shoulders. Keeping your core engaged will help with maintaining your ribs to be closed. Always think about keeping a straight line from shoulder to shoulder. If you are tense, it will create more of a V shape.