Tightness Drill

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This drill is to work on tightness. It also focuses on being tight throughout floorwork, since that is used in routines.

There are many variations you can use through this drill.

Squat 1-2, plank 3-4, lower down 5-6, roll over 7-8.

Squat 1-2, stand 3-4, hold 5-8. Repeat rolling back to the opposite side.

Once the team is clean with this drill, you can add the variations! Some variations may include doing the drill, then moving to a kick line, or starting in a kick line and moving into the drill.

It’s easy to go through this drill and not be tight, so constantly be thinking about engaging your core throughout the entire drill. The tighter you are, the quicker you’ll move. Think about small movements and being super super sharp!

Another idea is to drill the first kick of each kick set. Be sure to practice the transition into the first kick of each kick set.

The last idea is to download the song “Faith” by George Michael. It’s a very fast-paced song that makes dancers really pay attention to the beat of the music. Have the dancers run 1-8, then waist high straight kicks 1-8 for a few eight counts.