Elite Kick Combo

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This is an elite kick combo taught by dance expert, Haley Moorse. This combination focuses on kicks that include footwork and a lot of fans. This combination with start with a right fan 1, point left leg out behind you on 2, left passe on 3, left fan from the passe position on 4, right leg points out behind you 5, right leg passe 6, close kick 7, hinge 8, front kick 1, hinge 2, open kick 3, left leg points back 4, knees 5-6, hitch kick fan 7, clean 8. This kick set is super complex is due to all of the fans and the strength needed to do the hinge combination. You want to really be aware the you are keeping your body upright and your shoulders pressed down so you can properly execute the kick set. Another thing to think about while doing this set is to keep the footwork nice and clean. Keeping energy through your feet and pointing exactly where it should be will help to bring the entire combination together.