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This is a drill designed to focus on sharp head guides and sharp cleans, all while maintaining proper kick body alignment. The first count of eight begins with a clean on 1, shelf 2, cross and guide 3, back to center shelf 4, clean 5, shelf 6, opposite way to cross and guide 7, back to center shelf on 8. The second count of eight begins with two cleans on 1, clean again on 2, shelf 3, punch and look 4, bring the arm back and keep the head to the side 5, switch to punch other way 6, in to shelf on 7, clean 8. This is a great drill to get used to keeping your muscles squeezed all the time. It’s also great to work on tight head guides, especially to always looks to the side with power. You can start this drill super slow and work up to a faster speed. Adapt this drill to your team and personal skill level.