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This video taught by dance expert, Haley Moorse, walks you through the correct way to use head guides, as well as teaching a simple drill for head guides. The main thing with head guides is to think about where you chin should be. Your chin should always be lifted, but not dropped back. Think about presented your chin to the top of the gym, rather than moving just your eyes or totally dropping your head back. You also want to keep your chin lifted and presented, even when looking to the side. Think about looking behind the head of the person next to you. This will make sure your head doesn’t stay at the corner. Also be aware that when you look to the side, your shoulder and hip don’t move with your neck. A simple drill to work on strong head guides is to connect up with your team and start with your chin lifted. You will guide your head to the right 1-4, snap it back to the front 5-8, left 1-4, back to the front 5-8. When working on head guides it’s important to focus on whipping your head to each direction, rather than just placing your head. The tighter and sharper the head guides, the cleaner your kicks will look.