Kicking Drill for Building Upper Body Strength

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Adding difficulty to kick sets is easier than it may seem. Just by changing the way you get into a kick, the things you do between your kicks or adding moving components to your kicks can really spice up your routine. There aren’t many new kicks, but there are a lot of new things you can do in between your kicks. Having some people remaining kick while others move adds difficulty. Footwork is also a huge part of adding difficulty. Think about adding apart together or passe’s between kicks. You can also try changing up the speed of kicks. Another thing to spice up your kick sets is to change the way you get into your kick sets. Rather than shelf hook, try turning into you kick set! Hip rotations are very difficult. This is something you need to be careful to be sure to avoid hip injury. A great kick that uses hip rotation is a closed kick to an open kick, without touching the ground. The shows control and flexibility. A lot of teams are doing unhooked kick sets, which also shows great control and technique. You can do open kicks or hinge kicks with alternating arms. Take what you already know and try to spice it up with the way you get in, what your doing within them and adding the moving component. This will make your routine much more difficult.