Beginner Lyrical Combo

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This is a 30 second beginner lyrical combination that is taught by dance expert, Olivia Corcoran. You will begin facing the back with your feet apart and your head down. To begin, you will look over your right shoulder 1-2, left arm grows up 3-4, face the front as your left arm pulls on 5, right arm on 6, slow fan with your right leg on 7-8. Next, you will arabesque 1-2, step through on 3-4, reach around to the back 5-8. You will walk to the corner with same leg and same arm reaching 1-4, prep 5-6 for a single or double pirouette on 7-8. You will split your landing from your pirouette on 1-2 as your arms grows up, push out to the front corner on 3-4, push out to the back corner on 5-6, face front standing strong on 7-8. From here, you will ball change as you push your arms to the side and look left 1-2, run 3-4, straight leap 5-6, step through as your arms come above your head 7-8. Continue reaching forward on 1-2, arms come down 3, inside turn with right arm up 4-6, walk back with hands on heart 7-8. From here, you can do whatever feels best for you on 1-4.