Back Stretches

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This video will focus on a few different variations of back stretches. Dance expert, Grace Gilbertson, will explain how to properly stretch your back.

There are a few things you need to think about while stretching your back. First thing, is pay attention to your body. Also, lift through your back rather than crunching into your back. Lastly, you should stretch your back after your body is warm. This should be done at the end of a practice or class.

The first exercise is to go into a backbend. The goal will be to bring your feet together ad straighten your legs. You will push through your shoulders during this exercise.

Another exercise is the go into a backbend and try to hold your right ankle, then your left ankle, and then both of them.

The third stretch is a partner stretch. One partner will lay on the floor while the other partner pull her arms back to get her to a good stretch. It is very important to make sure you are communicating with your partner so you don’t over work a certain a muscle or your back in general.