Foot Strength Drill 2

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This foot strengthening exercise focuses on the arch of your feet. It requires the use of a barre, or holding on to a wall for support and balance.

You will first rise up into the highest releve you can. Think about pushing your arches all the way out. From here, you will move into a forced arch - your knees should be over your toes. Think about having your weight more towards your big toe, rather than your pinky toe. After the forced arch position, plie and straighten back the the beginning position.

We recommend doing this exercise 5-10 times. Be sure you are really focusing on pushing your arches up every time you switch or hold positions.

Once you have done this exercise 5-10 times, reverse the combination.

Start in first position, plie, forced arch, releve with straight knees and back to beginning position. Do the combination this way around 5-10 times as well.