Foot Strength Drill 4

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This foot strengthening drill is a bit more on the challenging side. It requires the use of a towel and a block. If you don’t have a block at home, you can use books instead.

Place the towel between your feet and squeeze your legs together so the towel doesn’t fall out. This ensures that you are squeezing the insides of your legs. Once the towel is secure, do 10-15 releves focusing on keeping your legs and ankles together as you complete the exercise.

The next part of this exercise requires a block. Place the block in front of you and the towel in the same place you had it before. You should be standing with the towel between your feet and your toes on the edge of the block. Once you are ready, add the releves. This not only stretches your feet, but adds height for where you have to releve to. This also strengthens your ankles as well.

Be sure you set your ankles down between every releve to prevent injury to your achilles tendon. You should never relax the feet muscles throughout these exercises - make sure you are always engaged.