Beginner to Intermediate Tap Combo

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This is an intermediate to beginner tap combination instructed by dance expert, Brittney Schubert. You will hold 1-2, run forward 3&4 and flam with the side of your foot 5-8. From here you will cross shuffle 1-4, repeat on the left 5-8. Next, you will shuffle ball change 1-4, shuffle ball change 5-8. Two shuffles 1-4, ball change 5-6, and ball heel 7-8. You will then repeat the same thing on your left side. The tempo picks up here! You will do two paradiddles followed by a double paradiddle on your right 1-4, then the same thing on your left 5-8. From there, you will take three little runs 1&2, irish 3&4, step with your right foot to shiggy bop 5-6 and then step with your left foot to shiggy bop 7-8.