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A crawl turn can be used in many ways because it can be adjusted to many different skill levels. In this video, tap expert Kaleena Miller, will show how to do different versions for every type of dancer.

A crawl turn is similar to a reverse cramp roll, but adding a rotation. Rather that starting with your toes, you will start with your heels. You will begin by crossing your right foot over your left. From there you will drop your right heel, left heel, right toe and left toe. As you put each part of your foot down, it should help you rotate around. One tip to help get you around is to cross your foot as far as comfortable for you. The further you cross your leg, the easier it is to rotate. Be careful that you’re not crossing too far. If you cross too far, this could cause injury to the knee. Another tip is as soon as you drop your weight onto a toe or heel, you want to release the next one that is going to go down. For example, if you put your left heel down, the left toe should pop up. You should always have one toe up and one heel down until you finish the move. This allows you to rotate easier by prepping yourself to get around.

To make a crawl turn more advanced, you can add and counts in the mix. You can also speed up the rotation as fast as you need to match the choreography.