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A draw back is a move that helps a tap dancer to move across the floor. Tap expert, Kaleena Miller, explains how to execute a draw back for a beginner and how to make one more advanced.

A draw back helps to move you across the floor and has three distinct sounds. A draw back can begin anywhere, but in this video, Kaleena Miller will demonstrate how to start a draw back from a step for a more solid beginning. You will begin by stepping on the ball of your right foot, brush back with your left and then drop the heel of your right foot. Continue by doing it on the other side, starting with stepping on your left foot.

You want to be careful that you don’t drop your heel right away. If you do this, it will cause more work for you because you will have to pick your heel up to bring it back down again. It helps if you stay in plie with this move. A draw back is most often done in a triplet rhythm.

If you are new to a draw back and are struggling with balance, you can always find something to hold to help you balance. You could grab a chair and have your hand against a wall, or barre if you’re in a dance studio. This way, you would have something to help you balance as you slowly practice the three separate moves.

If you have successfully done the draw backs a few times and are looking to add some difficulty, you can add a shuffle into the draw back motion. Adding the shuffle in a draw back makes this move a cincinatti. This would include step, brush, heel, shuffle, heel. For more guidance, watch Kaleena Miller demonstrate in the video above.