Crow Pose

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Crow pose is great to build strength in your upper arms, forearms, and wrists. It also helps your upper back and your core.

For this exercise, you will need a yoga mat and a block. First, you will lay on your back with your lower back pressed flat into the mat. You will then bring your elbows and your knees into each other. Spread your fingers wide and think about lifting your gaze.

You can practice crow pose on your back a few times. Try to lift your legs a little higher towards your armpits each time. When you’re ready, you will transition into a real crow pose position.

Place the block on the back of the mat and perch yourself on the block. Hands are in front of you and hips are open. Keep your gaze looking forward as you slowly lift one foot at a time to get your balance. Once you feel balanced, lift both feet up to hold in crow pose for as many breaths as it feels comfortable to you.

Remember that this is all for practice! You can play around with each portion of crow pose to be sure it is benefitting you. If you are having trouble mastering the crow pose, try holding plank to strengthen the arm muscles.