Yoga for Dancers: Balancing Series

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Yoga for dancers is very important. Certified yoga instructor, Lindsay Danielson, will walk you through another option for a standing series.

You will begin with an inhale reaching the right leg high, exhale bringing your knee to your nose, inhale reaching the right leg high and exhale bending your heel towards your glute. You will then flip your downward dog to stretch your spine, exhale to return to right leg high and then move into your lunge. When you’re ready, balance on your right leg with your left leg lifted behind you. Lower your chest down as you balance. This is about stability, not flexibility.

You will then forward fold to a chair pose as you lift your left knee in line with your left hip. Your hips should be aligned in this position. Move to a figure four position with your left foot over your right knee. You will move back to dancers pose, where you grab your foot behind you to kick and reach. From here, move into mountain pose to exhale forward fold. Then, you will go to high to low plank to repeat this on the opposite leg.

While you are going through this standing balance series, it is important to focus on your alignment and your breathing. The proper alignment helps to get the most out of every move in a way that will help you to do the moves correctly. If you are doing the moves incorrectly, you could potentially injure yourself. Yoga also helps to calm you down with your breathing. It allows you to find an escape from a crazy dance practice. Yoga for dancers is important because it can help to reduce soreness due to the slow pace it’s taught at and the amount of deep inhales and exhales that reach to your muscles.