Our Dance Coaches and Studio Owners Conference offers industry leading education and consulation, surrounding you with leadership development, best practices and technical tools. You'll leave camp more prepared and inspired to further your team. 

Friday, July 10th

  • 5:30pm CST - Opening Meeting Happy Hour Instructor: Cindy Clough

  • 6:00pm CST - What Judges Look For/Enhancing Your Score Instructors: JAM Judges Panel

SATURDAY, July 11th

  • 10:00am CST - Building A Program Of Significance Instructor: Jenny Raiche

  • 11:00am CST - Strength Training For Your Dancers Instructor: Kim Dally-Badgely

  • 12:00pm CST - The Power & Influence Of A Coach & Using It Responsibly Instructor: Charlie Campbell

  • 1:00pm CST - *Lunch Break* OR The Basics Of Coaching Instructor: Cindy Clough

  • 2:00pm CST - From Quarantine To Kick: Come Back Quick! Instructors: Twin Cities Orthopedic

  • 3:00pm CST - Coaching Drills/Camp Warmup Instructor: Ali Geraets

  • 4:00pm CST - Proactive Coaching Instructor: Rob Miller

SUNDAY, July 12th (rest day)

  • You've worked hard. Take a break today :)

Monday, July 13th

  • 10:00 CST - Taking Your Team To The Next Level: Timing, Turns & Cleaning Instructor: Amanda Gaines

  • 11:00 CST - Closing Instructor: Cindy Clough

Tuesday, July 14th

Bonus Classes for Studio Owners/Instructors

  • 9:00am CST -  Build It & They Will Come: Marketing/Student Counts Instructors: Cindy Clough & Jerad Clough

  • 10:00am CST - Customer Service: Hugging Your Customer Instructor: Cindy Clough

  • 11:00pm CST - Enhancing Pre-School Offerings Instructor: Cindy Clough

Wednesday, July 15th

Bonus Classes for Studio Owners/Instructors

  • 9:00am CST - Adding The Fun Into Your Studio Season Instructors: Cindy Clough & Ali Geraets

  • 10:00am CST - The Bottom Line: Controlling Expenses Instructor: Steve Clough

  • 11:00pm CST Studio Owner 101: The Nuts & Bolts Of Running A Studio Instructor: Cindy Clough