All Level Adagio at Barre

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This video can be made to any level dancer. If you want a basic adagio barre combination that you can make easier or harder, watch ballet expert Elizabeth Quinn Welch in this video.

You will begin at the barre in fifth position. You will do this exercise on all four sides (front, side, back, side.) On each side, you will slowly develop to passe 1-2, extend leg 3-4, hold 5-6 and slowly control down 7-8.

To make this barre combination easier, you can still do all four sides but develop the leg to a lower degree in which you can successfully handle correctly. You want to make sure your hips are level, your leg that is developing is straight and your base leg is straight. It’s very common for dancers to hunch their upper body over when they do adagio at the barre. To prevent this you can engage your abdominals.

To make this barre combination more difficult, you will still do all four sides. The difference is you want to try to get your leg higher. So you will develop to passe 1-2, extend leg 3-4, plie 5 and bring the leg higher to extend from the knee 6-7 and control down on 8.

When doing this, it’s important to engage all leg muscles. Your legs should be moving from the muscles in your legs, not your hips. If you use your hip flexors to help bring the leg to a certain height, it will cause eventually cause harm or injury.