Advanced Jazz Leap Combo

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This across the floor leap combo will focus on advanced dance leaps, all while changing directions. Dance expert, Grace Gilbertson, will walk you through the combination.

You will begin by taking two runs, once you leap in the air, your head, shoulders and hips all spot the other wall. Your right leg brushes out and your left leg brushes up to hit a full split. Out of the leap, you will put your weight in the left leg to do an inside fan.

You will then run to the left to a fouette arabesque jump. When you land you will develop your right leg into a battement to start the combination again.

It’s important to focus on engaging your core and using your plie in this combination. You need to engage your core so you stay on your center while changing directions. Plie is also important in order to get the height and air time you need to change your body direction.