Advanced Lyrical Combo

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This combination is for advanced lyrical dancers. Dance expert, Grace Gilbertson, will walk you through this combination. To start, you will take two steps forward starting with your left foot, press up with your arms, come in with arms crossed, and battement to the side. Next, you step on your right to coupe yourself around to down chaine into a calypso leap. You will roll out of the leap to step back and attitude yourself around. From there, you replace your weight to brush your leg through an illusion on both sides. After that, you jump to the back as your arms grow up. Next, you jump back with your right leg a little bit in front of you. You will then take two steps backwards, move your heel out, your toe out, and snake your head to the side with arms out. From there, you will contract the arms in (almost like you are rebounding), to jump all the way around into a lunge, followed by two steps backwards. Next, you will take two runs to the back, leap to the side, windmill arms around, into the middle splits. Your feet will then come together as you lay on the ground. From there your right leg will come around in attitude, push up into a bride, go to knees to reach across as you stand up.