Basic Tap Dance Warm Up 2

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In this video you will learn a basic tap dance warm up from tap expert, Kaleena Miller. She will explain the proper technique of the movements in this warm up. Such warm ups include a crawl with an alternating heel exercise. You will begin with a simple crawl on both feet. A crawl begins on the ball of your right foot, to the heel of your right foot, back to the toes and ends on the heel. To add more of a challenge, you will add the other standing leg heel to work on an alternating exercise. It’s most helpful to think of your foot that is doing the crawl as your “number foot” and your other leg that is standing as your “and foot.” The right foot will do a crawl on 1, 2, 3, 4, as the left heel is going down on the and counts. To add even more of a challenge, you can double up on the movements. So instead of doing each hit only once, you can do them twice! This would involve doing the crawl and adding and counts between every hit. This warm up is more of an advanced routine for tap dancers. Although it involves a few basic moves, this warm up has added counts that adds difficulty. It is best to do this warm up routine in the beginning of class in order to warm up your ankles and get used to a faster rhythm. This warm up routine also helps with warming up the brain for upcoming choreography in class.