Battement Leg Extension Combo

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This is an across the floor combination that focuses on battements and leg extensions. Dance expert, Grace Gilbertson, will walk you through the combo. You will start by stepping with your left foot to battement with your right leg, battement your left leg, then turn to the front bringing your right leg to a turned out passe. You will develop into an extension 1-4, bring it down 5-6, to fan around on releve 7-8. From there you will plie 1-2, arabesque 3-4, promenade 5-8. Penche 1-4, up 5-6, coupe 7, attitude 8. Some tips to help with battements is to think about presenting with your chest, while you keep the belly tucked in. When you turn to the front for the extension, make sure you’re keeping your shoulders down and your knee to the side. You should be engaging your lower back in the arabesque. When you promenade, be sure to keep your toes turned out. It will be helpful to keep your chest slightly lifted as you penche so you can easily spot your head as your change your spot for the attitude.