Battement Leg Hold Combo

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This combination will focus on a leg hold turn and a few tips to help you get around on your center. This combination is demonstrated by dance expert, Brittney Schubert.

The combination will begin with two walks into a right battement, two walks into a left battement and two walks into a right leg grab. After you have grabbed your leg, you will plié your base leg and then spring onto relevé in order to give yourself momentum to make a full rotation. You will then repeat this combination on the other side.

The key to a leg hold turn is to plié and push up to relevé on a strong and straight base leg. Doing so will give you a lot more momentum. You also want to think about making the rotation as soon as you get a stable grip on your leg so that you can stay on your center.

Another tip to successfully complete a leg hold turn is to spot. Spotting your head sharply to whatever direction you began the combination will also help to give you momentum for your rotation.